Wilderness Food Pantry
The Wilderness Food Pantry serves nearly 170 families in Orange County and surrounding areas. They have over 350 registered clients. They are operated by the Lake of the Woods Lions and Lionesses Club. The Club picks up food from stores, homes, and banks, maintains the facility, raises funds, is in charge of administration, and manages the overall program! They also staff the front desk, sign up clients, help clients shop, and do the reporting for the Club. They are open the first and third Fridays of the month from 9:00am to noon, the second and fourth Wednesdays from 4-6pm, and the last Saturday from 9am-noon.
They also respond to serious emergency food requests. They provide 18 home deliveries per month to disabled or home bound qualified clients.
Qualified recipients receive USDA food once per month. Donations are received from individuals, churches, service organizations, and schools. More than 100,000 lbs. of canned, frozen, and fresh foods are distributed per year! They have over 50 volunteers helping out!
If you would like to donate to the food pantry or volunteer, please call their office at 1-888-508-9274.
Their address is: 3291 Constitution Hwy. Locust Grove, VA 22304.
Wilderness Food Drive-1
A huge thank you to everyone who donated to the Wilderness Food Drive during the holidays!!  The canned and dry goods were donated and will be blessing needy families in our area!!