We are currently searching for a Pastor
—-updates to follow soon in 2019.
 …                            ……….. What’s happening ………
.***January 6th—Sunday at 3pm. —Visit to Dogwood nursing home
                                                            and assisted living facility.
***January 8th—Tuesday at 7pm—choir practice.
***January 8th—Tuesday at 10:30am—Orange Senior Center visit.
***Janurary 20th— Sunday at 12:30pm—church council meeting
***January 22th—Tuesday at 7pm—choir practice.
***January 27th—Sunday at 2p.m.—Bible Study
Wednesdays at 10am—Bible study in the fellowship hall.
Sundays at 2pm—Bible study in the fellowship hall. (cancelled for Jan. 20th)
1st Wednesday in February (6th)   Service and lunch at Salem Methodist Church
February 3rd……Worship service with Communion.     
February 12th—Tuesday at 10:30a.m.—visit to the Senior Center in Orange.
February 12th—Tuesday at 7p.m.—choir practice.
February 26th—Tuesday at 7p.m.—choir practice.
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